I'm looking to acquire Top 100 year-end countdown shows from 19??-2006 from any radio station.
Any copies of Casey Kasem year-end and weekly countdowns not in my inventory
Any interesting radio shows from the DC area up to 1987
Any airchecks of Barry Richards from DC. (I have the "Big Daddies" show from 1995).
Scoped or unscoped airchecks from WPGC in Washington DC up to 1987
Tribute radio shows - Rock 'n Roll or R & B
I prefer clean copies of the programs - with or without commercials.
I collect for the interesting program, not necessarily the quality of the music! Let me know what you have!



Now with links...Let me know if your email address changes

Looking for copies (on vinyl or CD) of the *ROBERT W. MORGAN SPECIAL OF THE WEEK.* This is a one-hour weekly music/interview show hosted by legendary Hall-Of Fame DJ Robert W. Morgan in which a different group or artist is profiled and interviewed. Produced/distributed by Watermark, Inc. The program ran from summer 1976 thru Spring 1982. I am looking for episodes that aired between 1976 and early 1979; then mid-1980 thru 1982. The show was originally distributed to radio stations on vinyl disc. Daniel

"Looking for the Westwood One Alabama radio show from 1986 that accompanied their Chevy Super Tour. It was hosted by Jim Duncan" Jay

"The Barry Richards Turn On Show on WDCA-TV (DC) channel 20 that had Sugarloaf performing "Tongue In Cheek" in 1971. Another video is by the West Virginia band, The Mind Garage. ABC TV filmed their Electric Mass on April 13,1969 for their national television show called Directions. They aired it that April, but it also used to be replayed at Easter for several years". Jerre

"Pre 1985 Jimmy Buffett concerts, especially '75 San Francisco Radio Broadcast" Gary

"WOR-FM NY Top 100 Of The 60's" Bob

Complete "Rockline" radio show from October 24, 1984 featuring Paul McCartney. Erich

"The News That Rocked '82" Tom

Westwood One "Absolutely Live" 2 CD set of KISS from the Farewell Tour Sean

Want a live radio concert of The Kinks in L.A. from 1977. Have 2 hours of the WZMF morning show from 1975 on cd. (ZMF was the "underground" FM station in Milwaukee during the 70's.) Steven

1978 King Biscuit or Westwood One of Rolling Stones concert with Bobby Keyes doing extended sax solo on 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' Thomas

Any information on a program called "Epic Of The 70's". It aired between 1970 - 1976. Paul

"The Beatles Years" original show #2002-16 (Hollywood Bowl), broadcast April 20/21, 2002. Mike

Gary Wright live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour from the mid 70's. Mike

Airchecks of the "Big 11 Countdown" show with Johnny Hayes heard daily on KRLA in Pasadena, which ran from about 1976 to 1991. Jim

McCartney's 17 week Oobu Joobu series on Westwood One (May-Sept 1995) in near mint or mint. Greg

WHTZ - Z-100 Morning Zoo scoped or unscoped recordings from August 1983 - January 1989 Joe

Tapes from any Tuesday broadcast of WABC's "Silver Dollar Survey" or "All-American Survey" by Dan Ingram, Scott Muni, or Cousin Brucie, from December 1963-1965. Also, the version of "Tonight's The Night" the Shirelles sang every night on the "Scott Muni Show". Jay

Full program or intro guitar riff of Ray Durkee's "Sunday At The Memories". It was played on KFYR 550 AM, Bismark, North Dakota in the late 70's and early 80's. Ron

Any show featuring live concert recordings of Genesis/Yes and related artists. David

Any concert broadcasts or interviews/music profiles featuring Air Supply. Also, "Playback 81" thru "Playback 84". They were sponsored by SFM Holiday Networks and created by Cinema Sound, Ltd. out of NYC. Dan

NFL game videos from 1982 and 1983 seasons. Original radio broadcasts of the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and New York Jets games also in the 1982 and 1983 seasons. Cory

Airchecks from KRUX or KRIZ before 1980. AT40 countdowns from 1999 to present. Steve

Anything from DJ Al Bandiero formerly of "Hot 97 FDM" in the late 80's Michael

Spike Jones Vintage Radio Broadcasts released in 1975 on the Mar-Bren Sound Ltd label (# MBr-743). Jo

A song called "Sweet Innocent Lorraine" by Clockwork Orange from the 60's. Madelyn

Country music videos from the 80's particulary "Amarillo by Morning" by George Strait, "Tougher Than Leather" by Willie Nelson, and "Who's the Blonde Stranger" by Jimmy Buffet. Also, any info on a song about a guy in a bar who gets beat up by a wrestler called The Blue Cyclone from about 1985. Troy

Shows #1, #67 and #150 of Scott Muni's "Ticket To Ride, A Weekly Tribute To The Beatles". Joseph

For you DC folks, any recordings (audio or video) from The British Walkers or Phil Flowers, especially live. Robin

Airchecks of Bob Raleigh (the other one) who was on WWDC (1260 AM) in the mid 60's before moving to Boston. Robin

Paul Simon radio special broadcast during the fall of 1980. Mark

Looking for "Metalshop - The Only Show With Teeth" (1984-1994). Have 285 of 560 shows looking for more. Kevin

Copy of the 1970 Barry Richards television show from WDCA TV (Channel 20) in Washington DC that featured a band called The Illusion. Mike

Uncut videotapes of NFL games from the 50's to the 70's (particularly 1975) Steve

Dr. Demento 1975 year-end countdown show from KMET-FM in LA. Steve

Memorial Day Weekend 500 countdown from the 1970-1976 time frame. Ray

Radio broadcasts of the Minnesota Vikings (1961-1966 & 1972/1976), New York Giants (1961-1963 & 1966-1971), Rams and Bears game from Nov. 1968. Ray

Baseball play-by play of the NY Mets (1969-1976). Ray

Any R&B, soul or funk shows from the late 50's to the mid 70's. Jason

Robert Q. Lewis broadcasts. Don

"The Rock Years" broadcast on WNEW New York in April 1981. Dan Desantis

Joni Mitchell covers, studio or live and any radio/TV appearances - audio or video. Bob

Any radio shows or misc. audio on The Captain & Tennille. M.W.

Anything by DJ Jimmy O'Neill from WOW-AM in Omaha or in LA. Tim

Three King Biscuit Flower Hour Shows: Linda Ronstadt in Berkeley (about 1976), Janis Ian (1976), Black Oak Arkansas in Long Beach (W/Jim Dandy). Steve Amaru

Any tapes of Jean Shepard. Art Speeder

Mr. Keen's "Poisoned Sandwich" and Nick Carter. Lee Kimmell
CD's of the Open House Party radio program. Anthony Maniscalco
Anything from Terry Young the "Motor Mouth" from WCAU-FM Philadelphia 1980-1983. Mike
Tapes of Jonathon Brandmeier shows from 2/9/81, 11/24-25/82, 12/17/82, 2/8/83. Email
Jean Shepherd - raconteur radio shows from WOR New York. Alan
Pre-1980 airchecks from Portland, OR - especially KISN and KEX. Rich Patterson
Interviews featuring Eddie Kendricks and/or David Ruffin. Edy Poire
Copies of Nighttime America call-in and dedication show from the 80's. Reggie Bryant
Hours 4 & 6 from The Best Summers of Our Lives - a 15 year history of the Beach Boys produced by Audio Stimulations and hosted by Wolfman Jack from 1976. Larry Zinter
Anything from Milwaukee pre 1970 from preferably WRIT & WOKY. Ken Freck
Anything from WVOK (AM 690) Birmingham Alabama from the 60's and 70's. Dwight Richardson
Late 60's Radio Stuff from WDRC Hartford, CT. Richard Valentine
Out-of-print CD - 20 Hard to Find Motown Singles - Vol 2. Susie
Original LP's of old radio station shows about Barry Manilow. Debra

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