This 90 minute cassette is mainly for Harv Moore fans. For those of you who don't know, Harv was probably the top DJ in DC radio for a good part of the 60's and 70's! These airchecks have some of his best bits on them. Some of them are: The Colonel, Harv singing "My Little Red Book", The Redhead on Sports, The Redhead in the WPGC Gold Money Car, Harv singing over songs after they end, WPGC "Sound Off", The Redhead and Mr. Fixit with school lunch menus (including "zee french bread"), sound bites of: "Hey you guys", "'Atta boy Harvey", "Wear something flimsy girls" and "Good morning all over your little biody". There also is the guy delivering his tailor-made suit, and the inappropriate laughs. I don't know how these bits would do today but they sure were funny 20 years ago! On side #2 there are airchecks from the 60's. About half from the late Marv Brooks and the rest are some of the "soul" DJ's that were so popular in the 60's. There is also "Nighthawks" famous sign-off, "Soul Fingers" sign-on both from WOL, Barry Richards antics all the way thru "Daytripper" by Otis Redding and "Money Won't Change You" by James Brown on WUST and "Good-Bye My Love" by Robert Moseley,which was the "Kickapoo Kid" sign-off also from WUST.

Harv - then and now!!